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    Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) is an important component of the direct selling industry. These plans typically promise that if you sign up as a distributor, you will receive commissions — from both your sales of the plan’s goods or services and those of other people you recruit to join the distributors.

    MLM is short for Multi-Level Marketing, a hierarchical marketing system in which the goal of salespersons is not only to buy and sell the product , but also to recruit others to buy and sell the product , who will in turn recruit others. Each salesperson receives part of the entrance fee paid by his/her recruits, and a part of the profits earned by all salespersons below him/her in the sales chain.This is also called as multilevel marketing, multi-level marketing, matrix marketing, network marketing etc.

    We develop an MLM websites & software that fits your vision and is a natural extension of your corporate. Our development team creates a MLM websites & software that is very simple and easy to navigate. End user should be able to easily achieve their goals on the website.

    Our team of professionals can build and customize any setup or feature you can think of .Our company has the potential of recruiting many more MLM affiliates as each affiliate can develop a down-line much faster than normal. Therefore enabling you to reach a larger audience quicker.


    • Basic Features : 

      • Income Plan According your requirement.
      • SMS Alert
      • Email Alert
      • Payment Collection
      • Login Window
      • Registration According your System
    • Member Tree with Images : Now You can View Your All Down Line Photograph at Tree View Page in Member Panel. This Feature is Available only with us in the India.

    Add Multiple Joining Options : Admin can Add any Number of New Joining option from Admin Area and Can Set there Price, Description and Image of Product.

    Shopping Cart : Free shopping Cart with this software. Admin Can Ass Any Number of Products in his E – Shopping, Set The Price and Can Sale them to his Members. Members can Purchase Online and Directly Pay the Amount from there E-wallet Account.

    Photo Gallery : You can Add unlimited Images in Your Photo Gallery and Also View them by Event. Unlimited Storage Capacity.

    Video Gallery : You can Add unlimited Video’s in Your Video Gallery from Admin and View them in Member Panel.

    Instant Message : You can Send Text message to Your Down line Inbox from Admin and Can Filter Members by City, State, ID or By Name. Send Message about Meetings, New Product Added or any other.

    Website Features : 

    • One Year Free Domain Name
    • Free up to 20 GB Server Storage
    • Business Logo
    • 5 Business Email Accounts
    • Web Site with Your Business Plan
    • Member Panel / User Panel
    • Admin Panel
    • Shopping Cart
    • Photo Gallery
    • 1000 SMS
    • Free Online Education for Members
    • Free Support for One Year

    Part 1 Website Front Information : 

    • Home Page
    • Income
    • How To Join
    • About Us
    • Our Vision
    • Our Mission And Aim
    • Contact Us
    • Products
    • Join Us
    • Login

    Part 2 Member Area Login Window : 

    • Reward Achiever List with Images
    • Top Achiever List with Images
    • News and Events
    • Happy Birthday Wishes With Images
    • Photo Gallery

    Member Area Section Account : 

    • Joining Welcome Letter
    • My Receipt
    • Invoice
    • Id Card
    • Member Can Create His Web Page

    Member Area Section Profile : 

    • Edit Profile
    • Bank Account Details
    • Edit Password

    Member Area Section Genealogy : 

    • View Tree with Images
    • My Directs with Images
    • My Down line with Images
    • Rewards with Achievement Date
    • Salary with Achievement Date
    • Repurchase Report

    Member Area Section Payments : 

    • Payout Details
    • Payout Summary
    • E-wallet Report
    • E-wallet Withdraw
    • E-wallet Transfer
    • My Account

    Member Area Section E-Pin : 

    • Purchase Pin
    • E-Pin Account
    • Pin History
    • E-Wallet
    • Shopping Cart
    • Photo Gallery
    • Slider
    • Auto SMS / Email on Registration
    Support Activity :
    • Welcome Letter (With Print Option)
    • Receipt (With Print Option)
    • Id Card (With Print Option)
    Options : 
    • Change Admin Password
    • Online Visitors
    • Total Visitors
    • Total Profiles
    • Profiles Search
    • Newsletter Facility
    • Refers That These Reports Show (Daily, Weekly And Monthly Details)

    Member Area Section E-Mail Messaging : 

    • Member can send the Instant message to admin and other Members
    • Member can check our all Messages from our inbox with images of the member which are sent by admin and users.
    • Member can send the Instant message to admin or member from Compose option.
    • Just Type “Admin” in User Name field for send the message to admin.
    • For send the message to other member just types the User Name of those and Send.
    • From Sent option member can check our all sent messages.
    • Genealogy
    • Joining Welcome Letter
    • Achiever Welcome Letter
    • Achiever List Display
    • Payout Reports
    • Current Payout
    • Receipt
    • Rewards Achieved List
    • Animated Status
    • News And Event Updates
    • Meetings Updates
    • E-Pin Account
    • E – Pin Account Transfer
    • E – Pin Top up
    • E – Pin Report
    • Internal Fund Transfer
    • E – Wallet ( Member Can Self Purchases Pins From his Payout )
    • E – Wallet Transition SMS
    • Downline Status with Members Images
    • Edit Profile
    • Forget Password
    • Banking Details
    • SMS To Downline Facility (Optional)

    Admin Area Features : 

    • E-Pin Manager
    • Generate E-Pin
    • List E-Pin
    • Recharge E-Pin
    • Sale E-Pin
    • E-Pin Transaction
    • E- Pin Status
    • E – Pin Change
    • E-Pin Management
    • Master
    • Add City
    • Edit City
    • Distributor
    • New Joining
    • Edit Member Details
    • Red/Green Profiles
    • Distributor View
    • Search
    • View Tree
    • View Downline
    • Payout Statement
    • Member Payout Report
    • Admin Activity
    • Pan No Report
    • TDS Report
    • Process Payout
    • Payout Report
    • Admin Charge Calculations
    • SMS Integrator
    • Joining SMS

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