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School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management Software

Today, more and more consumers use the internet to search for the products or services they need. Your small business will gain credibility by having a website. Without one, potential customers will go to your competitors that do. If you already have a website but it is “home-made”, having it professionally redesigned will provide your business with a professional image which will inspire even greater confidence. For home-based businesses, this is particularly beneficial since you do not have a store front to promote your products or services.

Features of Package :

Basic Features of School Management System : 

  • One Year Free Domain Name
  • Free Web Space
  • 2 Business Email Accounts
  • 10 Beautiful Web Page Designing
  • Inquiry Form
  • Quick Inquiry Form
  • Photo Gallery
  • Video Gallery
  • Banner Sliding on Home Page
  • Landing Page Designing
  • Intro Page Designing
  • Social Links with Symbol
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Visitor Information
  • Google Submission

Class Setup

  • Add Class
  • Edit Class
  • Delete Class

Class Routine Setup

  • Add Routine
  • Edit Routine
  • Delete Routine

Manage Income

  • Add Income
  • Edit Income
  • Delete Income

Fees Setup

  • Add Fees
  • Edit Fees
  • Delete Fees

Exam Mark Setup

  • Add Mark
  • Edit Mark
  • Delete Mark

Attendance Setup of Student and Staf

  • Add Attendance
  • Edit Attendance
  • Delete Attendance

Manage Expense

  • Add expense
  • Edit expense
  • Delete expense

Manage Salary

  • Add Salary
  • Edit Salary
  • Delete Salary

Manage Report

  • Attendance report
  • Result report
  • Income report
  • Expense report

Teacher Setup

  • Add Teacher
  • Edit Teacher
  • Delete Teacher

Subject Setup

  • Add Subject
  • Edit Subject
  • Delete Subject

Exam Setup

  • Add Exam
  • Edit Exam
  • Delete Exam

Exam Routine Setup

  • Add Exam Routine
  • Edit Exam Routine
  • Delete Exam Routine

Exam Result Setup

  • Make Result
  • Edit Result
  • Print Result
  • Delete Result

Manage Notice

  • Add Notice
  • Edit Notice
  • Delete Notice